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Aline Pouget, signs of eternity


"My work stems from the observation of nature, life, reactions and human feelings. It's a mixture of observations, emotions, my feelings. »


From the earth to heaven, according to the observations that the reality of the world offers her, Aline Pouget restores a universe where nature, the city and the cosmos meet each other.  The painter balances the lived and the imaginary. On the edge of the figurative and the abstract, his works confuse the viewer to take him to escape and dream. From the obvious to the mirage, his gesture frees, dissolves the composition. The degree of abstraction stays on course towards lines of leaks that structure the gaze to the margins of the surface of the canvas. In this diffuse where the loss of landmarks dominates, the painter always seeks to bring out something recognizable. A tree, a setting sun, a sailboat, a suspension bridge, buildings...


His preferred technique is oil on canvas or wood. She works a radiant palette. The density of pigments induces depths that testify to the emotional charge of its creation.

"The attraction to the color and light around us gives me such a sense of happiness that I want to share it with everyone."

Aline paints as she feels. It summons this omnipotence of perception to exalt the senses in search of harmony and a certain pictorial enchantment.


Even in the city, his vision remains naturalistic and lyrical. The decor preserves something wild and lush. The energy staged cosmic breath. A sensation of floating movement emerges and tends towards a joyful apocalypse, especially for its Space series.  

This aesthetic chaos represents the sublime of a paradise rediscovered as a twilight vision. The contemplative and atmospheric value of his painting invites us to construct our own representation, towards a destiny that everyone can compose between consciousness and unconsciousness, truth and illusion, light, and shadow.


This real dazzling journey of landscapes jostled by the hand of the artist contributes to a feeling of serenity sometimes slightly disturbed by the tumult of the waves, or a stormy sky.

"Through my works, I want to share my emotions and feelings by revealing the intimate meaning of my thoughts, my experiences of life and my moods. »

Aline Pouget takes us on a journey of her own where the stories dedicated to the sensitive unfold under the changes of heaven, where the atmosphere depicted reveals signs of eternity.

Amsterdam Withney Gallery (New-York) :

The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery's Curatorial Review Committee was most impressed by your superb oeuvre which resonates with a profound visual narrative as you reveal a dynamic color palette. Your artistic journey in "BING BANG" is quite impressive and is a triumph of personal expression and imaginative experimentation of technique and texture.  We salute you on your chromatically colorful "INFINI" which reverberate  with a dynamic textural sense and powerful visceral shapes.  We were enthralled by the emotive quality of  your "NEBULEUSE " which reflect your fine talent and powerful fusion of color. Your compelling  vibrant-hued "LUMIERES DANS L’UNIVERS" conveys your unique artistic vision as you seize the essence of the emotional and physical experience.  Our Committee salutes you on your oeuvre with its important visual narrative and its emotional link to the human and artistic experience. We are so pleased with your marvelous art and the positive energy of your stellar compositions

Kandinsky mused:  “To bring the whole into harmony on the canvas is what leads to a work of art.”  Inspired by Kandinsky's credo, a feeling of harmony and a quest for beautification of nature are the dominating aesthetic forces of Aline Pouget's masterful tableaux.  Distilled from the soul of nature, her visceral abstract works infuse their space with a fulcrum of expressive sensations, resonating with the emotional essence of the natural world.  An appreciation for the wonder of nature fills her art with an aesthetic of harmonious vitality, as her organically atmospheric paintings come alive with an energetic tranquility. Creating her compositions in oil paint on canvas, she allows her tableaux a balanced space to develop their full impact. 


Fluidly intermingling into expressive canvases, Aline Pouget is inspired by nature and her masterful works are a visual syntax ranging from abstract compositions which reflect an organic universe. Through amorphous shapes and a windstorm of color and texture, the pictorial world is the major important element of her multitudinous universe.  Focused on the natural frenzies of the world, Aline Pouget’s nature tableaux are a fantasia of hues made visible through luminous color and rippling motion of brushstrokes. Articulating perceptual color theories into abstracted impressions, they reflect an illuminated sensorial caldron of hues. The artist states: "My happiness and my fulfillment are to share my passion, my love of life, the universe, the colors, the light and my multiple emotions with others through my work.”


Revelatory and reflective, the vortex of her compositions serves to underscore a love of nature and interpretations can vary from palliative and pristine to deeply immersive and profound.  In layers, hues and form, the artist unveils the many gifts nature has bestowed upon us.   Illuminating the sensorial and juxtaposing them into vividly tangible scenes, she bridges the worlds of realism and abstraction, as her paintings detail her visceral responses to the universe. By turning those elements into dreamlike natural reveries, the spectator is drawn into the centrifugal force of these dreamscapes. With a rainbow of colors, the artist employs a palette of bright and monochromatic shades which provide each painting a vibrant sense of life and is enhanced by her dynamic style of composition and energetic brushstrokes. A powerful sense of motion and emotion reverberate in her oeuvre, along with a unique sense of perspective and scale.


Brilliantly translating onto canvas with a syncopated beat the magnificence of nature, international award-winning painter Aline Pouget has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work and has embarked on a painting career which has catapulted her to a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. This masterful artist has enjoyed numerous successful exhibitions throughout Europe, including London, Paris, Vienna and Italy and the U.S., and the presence of her works in prestigious collections across the world, is affirmation of her continually expanding reputation.

MAD Gallery (Milan) :

Another aspect which hooks the artist, lies in the depiction of every spaces facets. In fact, the works exhibited for the M.A.D.S Critics Award’s event have a direct link with the universe around her, exactly as in “Infini”. The battle of good versus evil inside the universe is represented through an impetuous waterfall or a wave which crash into a rock, imagining these double dimensions as the ultimate and of all human beings. Moreover, the absence of colors and the use of neutral and cold tones has allowed to entirely show this ambivalence.

On the contrary, “Lumières dans l’univers” is completely different, because the caracter is essentially the light which, from a tiny source in the middle of the painting, illuminates the surrouding space. Thanks to these evident brushstrokes, the aim is to compose a tangible colors mixture, as a door was opened on the universe to have a special view over the stars; or once again, as in northern lights, through which the space touches the earth, merging with it, giving to every viewer a unique and heavenly experience.

Finally, the painter’s trip through the universe’s complex path ends up with “Nébuleuse”. The stars depicted in this artwork are based on a unique central point, shown by a white star, which gives rise to a great explosion of extremely bright colors, Red is the predominant one with all its nuances : everything emphasizes the invasion, and at the same time, the enchanting “sweet heat” emanated from the canvas.

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