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Viviana Puello Editor-in-chief of Art Tour International

Aline Pouget's colorful summaries:

Expressions of life and energy


Aline Pouget is a contemporary artist known for her emotionally charged and colorful abstractions. Through her art, Aline Pouget strives to express the energy of life and the beauty of the world around us. Her vibrant works celebrate life, inviting viewers to connect with her feelings and emotions. Through her paintings, Aline Pouget invites us to travel in her universe and experience the raw beauty of life.

For Aline Pouget, color is the engine of her abstract works. Her vibrant pieces are made up of different hues, ranging from deep blues and purples to bright pinks and oranges. Each color is carefully chosen to evoke a specific emotion or feeling, which makes her work fascinating.

Aline Pouget's color choices are inspired by her environment and her personal experiences. She is often inspired by nature, where she finds the most vivid and vibrant colors. His abstract works often reflect the beauty and energy of the natural world. Aline Pouget also incorporates her emotions into her color choices, with each piece being a visual expression of her feelings.

The use of color is crucial in the works of Aline Pouget. She believes it is a powerful tool to communicate and connect with others. Each color of his works has its own unique personality, adding to the depth and complexity of his art. Aline Pouget's colorful abstracts are not only beautiful, but also a powerful way to communicate with others.

Aline Pouget's abstract works are imbued with emotion, and for her, it is a crucial element of her art. Emotions are a powerful force that can stir and affect our thoughts and actions. As an artist, Aline Pouget believes that emotions are essential to art because they allow us to connect with others in deep and meaningful ways.

Through her vibrant and energetic pieces, Aline Pouget evokes emotions such as joy, passion and excitement. These emotions are often associated with positive experiences in life, and his art inspires and encourages those who view his work.

On the other hand, Aline Pouget's works also explore more complex emotions such as sadness, loss and nostalgia. Through her art, she seeks to help viewers confront and process their own emotional experiences. As a result, Aline Pouget's art can act as a cathartic release, helping viewers work through their emotions safely and therapeutically.

Aline Pouget's belief in the importance of emotion extends beyond her work, as she recognizes the power of emotion in art.

In a world where we are often bombarded with negative news and overwhelming stress, art that can evoke emotions such as hope, inspiration and comfort is more important than ever. Aline Pouget's colorful abstracts testify to the power of emotion in art and remind us of the beauty and energy of life that surrounds us.

Art has always been a reflection of life, a means of expressing our thoughts, feelings and emotions through visual mediums. For Aline Pouget, her colorful abstract works are no different. Through her paintings, she captures the beauty of the world and the energy of life itself.

In her works, Aline Pouget represents the relationship between art and life by incorporating various elements that highlight the beauty of our environment. Its vibrant colors, clean lines and textured surfaces speak to the endless possibilities of the world. Additionally, she imbues her works with the same energy and passion that she sees in life, creating an emotional response that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

Aline Pouget's works are more than simple representations of the world around us. They are a celebration of the inherent beauty of life and its limitless potential. Her paintings are an invitation to connect with our emotions, encouraging us to experience life's ups and downs while highlighting its endless possibilities.

Ultimately, the relationship between art and life is symbiotic, nurturing each other. Aline Pouget's colorful abstracts embody this interaction by capturing the essence of life itself and showcasing the power of art to inspire and uplift us all. Ultimately, his works invite us to explore the depths of our emotions and embrace the beauty of the world around us.


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Caroline Canneau blog: Thatnoline Critiks

Aline Pouget, signs of eternity


“My work arises from the observation of nature, life, reactions and human feelings. It's a mixture of observations, emotions, my feelings. »


From earth to sky, according to the observations that the reality of the world offers her, Aline Pouget restores a universe where nature, the city and the cosmos respond to each other.   The painter balances the lived and the imaginary. At the edge of the figurative and the abstract, his works confuse the viewer to take him to escape and dream. From evidence to mirage, his gesture liberates, dissolves the composition. The degree of abstraction keeps the course towards lines of flight which structure the gaze up to the margins of the surface of the canvas. In this diffuseness where the loss of landmarks dominates, the painter always seeks to bring out something recognizable. A tree, a setting sun, a sailboat, a suspension bridge, buildings...


His preferred technique is oil on canvas or on wood. She works a radiant palette. The density of the pigments induces depths that testify to the emotional charge of his creation.

“The attraction for color and light that surrounds us gives me such a feeling of happiness that I want to share it with everyone. »

Aline paints as she feels. She summons this omnipotence of perception to exalt the senses in search of harmony and a certain pictorial enchantment.


Even in the city, his vision remains naturalistic and lyrical. The decor preserves something wild and luxuriant. The energies stage a cosmic breath. A feeling of floating movement emerges and tends towards a joyful apocalypse, especially for his Space series.

This aesthetic chaos represents the sublime of a paradise rediscovered like a twilight vision. The contemplative and atmospheric value of his painting invites us to build our own representation, towards a destiny that everyone can compose between consciousness and unconsciousness, truth and illusion, light and shadow.


This truly dazzling journey of landscapes jostled by the hand of the artist contributes to a feeling of serenity sometimes slightly disturbed by the tumult of the waves, or a stormy sky.

“Through my works, I want to share my emotions and my feelings by revealing the intimate meaning of my thoughts, my experiences of life and my moods. »

Aline Pouget takes us on a journey that is her own where stories dedicated to the sensitive unfold under the changing skies, where the atmosphere depicted reveals signs of eternity.

Amsterdam Withney Gallery (New York):

The Amsterdam Withney Gallery curatorial review board was particularly impressed with your stunning artwork, which resonates in a deep visual narrative while revealing a dynamic color palette. Your artistic career in"BING BANG"is quite impressive and a triumph of personal expression and imaginative experimentation with technique and texture. We salute you on your"INFINITY"shimmering colors that resonate with a dynamic sense of texture and powerful visceral forms. We were captivated by the emotional quality of your "NEBULUS", which reflects your talent and powerful fusion of colors. Your"LIGHTS IN THE UNIVERSE"in compelling vibrant hues conveys your unique artistic vision as you capture the essence of the emotional and physical experience. Our committee salutes you for your work, with its important visual narrative and emotional connection to human and artistic experience. We are amazed by your wonderful art and the positive energy of your stellar compositions.

Kandinsky said, “Harmonizing everything on the canvas is a work of art.” Inspired by Kandinsky's credo, a sense of harmony and a quest to beautify nature are the dominant aesthetic forces in Aline Pouget's masterful paintings. Distilled from the soul of nature, his visceral abstract works imbue their space with a fulcrum of expressive sensations, resonating with the emotional essence of the natural world. An appreciation for the wonder of nature imbues his art with a harmonious aesthetic and vitality, as his organically atmospheric paintings come alive with an energetic tranquility. Creating her compositions with oil paint on canvas, she gives her paintings a balanced space to develop their full impact.


Aline Pouget fits into expressive canvases and is inspired by nature. His masterful works are a visual syntax ranging from abstract compositions reflecting an organic universe. Thanks to amorphous forms and a storm of colors and textures, the pictorial world is the major element of his universe. Focused on the natural frenzy of the world, Aline Pouget's nature paintings are a fantasy of shades made visible by luminous color and the undulating movement of brushstrokes. Articulating perceptual color theories into abstract impressions, they reflect a sensory cauldron illuminated with shades. The artist declares: “My happiness and my fulfillment is to share my passion, my love of life, of the universe, of colors, of light and of my multiple emotions with others through my work”.


Revealing and reflective, the swirl of her compositions serves to underscore a love of nature and interpretations can range from palliative and pristine to profoundly immersive and profound. In layers, hues and shapes, the artist unveils the many gifts nature has given us. Illuminating the sensory and juxtaposing it in vivid scenes, she bridges the gap between realism and abstraction, as her paintings detail her visceral reactions to the universe. By transforming these elements into dreamlike natural daydreams, the viewer is drawn into the centrifugal force of these dreamscapes. With a rainbow of colors, the artist employs a palette of vivid, monochromatic shades that imbue each painting with a vibrant sense of life, enhanced by his dynamic compositional style and energetic brushstrokes. A powerful sense of movement and emotion reverberates through his work, along with a unique sense of perspective and scale.


Aline Pouget, an internationally award-winning painter who brilliantly translated the beauty of nature onto synchronous canvas, participated in an immersion in the arts that lasted a lifetime. A significant position in the field of contemporary art. This talented artist has enjoyed many successful exhibitions throughout Europe, including London, Paris, Vienna and Italy and the United States. The presence of his works in prestigious collections around the world testifies to his constantly growing reputation.

MAD Gallery (Milan):

Aline Pouget is a French artist who has been passionate about art and nature since a young age. The love and attention given to his work has enabled him to produce very attractive paintings of landscapes and watercolours: natural and maritime beauties are the essential elements of his art, represented by scenes with intense and luminous colors. His impressions and his style of painting allow him to translate and share all his emotions through the use of colors and light: these are the main elements of the overall vision of his works. She loses herself in perception, frees it from her will, which allows her to immobilize space in a static and idealistic way and to grasp reality with much more naturalness and freshness. Nature is directly shown to the eyes of the viewer: from this moment, Aline Pouget achieves a style of painting where no lines appear, which becomes almost vibrant and evocative, finalized to capture the pure impression. Everything merges remarkably with the interest in cities, capturing and transforming every moment and every detail within them.

Another aspect that represents the artist, resides in the representation of all the facets of space. In fact, the works exhibited for the MADS Critics Award event have a direct link with the universe that surrounds it, just as inInfinity. The battle of good versus evil within the universe is depicted through a rushing waterfall or wave crashing against a rock, imagining this dual dimension as the ultimate of all human beings. Moreover, the absence of colors and the use of neutral and cold tones made it possible to show all this ambivalence.

On the contrary,lights in the universeis completely different, because the character is essentially the light which, from a tiny source in the middle of the painting, illuminates the surrounding space. Thanks to these obvious brushstrokes, the goal is to compose a tangible mixture of colors, since a door has opened on the universe to offer an exceptional view of the stars; or again, as in the Northern Lights, where space touches the earth, merges with it, offering each viewer a unique and heavenly experience.

Finally, the painter's journey through the complex journey of the universe culminates inNebula.The stars depicted in this artwork are based on a single central point, illustrated by a white star, which gives rise to a large explosion of extremely vivid colors. Red is the dominant color with all its shades: everything highlights the invasion and at the same time the bewitching “sweet warmth” emanated from the canvas.

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